We ask those who use Cloverly Park to respect the posted rules, be considerate of the many residents who live around the park, keep the park family-friendly, share the park with others, and always leave the park cleaner than you found it.

Cloverly Park is a part of the city’s system of parks and recreation centers and, like every such facility, is subject to the rules of the Philadelphia Department of Parks & Recreation and the City of Philadelphia. The signs posted Cloverly Park have been placed there by Parks & Recreation.

Dogs must be on a leash of 6 feet or shorter at all times.
No smoking (city ordinance)
No alcohol
No amplified sound
No littering or dumping
No vehicles or bicycles on the grass or other non-road or trail areas
No inflatables
Do not damage or remove plants, trees, benches, play equipment, trash bins or other park property

See the full set of system-wide rules at Parks & Recreation.

What’s illegal on the street is illegal in the park.

To report problems at Cloverly, or any city park, call 911
and the Park Rangers at 215-685-0144.