• Pick it up! Leave the park cleaner than you found it.

  • Volunteer! We welcome helpers of all ages and abilities on our Love Your Park service days in May and November and on our informal work days.

  • Pull some weeds! If you know your bindweed from your hostas, we could use your help with garden maintenance throughout the growing season. Please contact us!

  • Share your time and talent! Do you have a special skill that would benefit our efforts? Please let us know!

  • Donate! Cash donations to Friends of Cloverly Park are welcome at any time and are tax-deductible.

  • Shop at the plant sale! We use donations and the proceeds our Love Your Park sale of perennials, herbs, and vegetables to purchase tools, materials, and snacks and beverages for our volunteers.

  • Stay in touch! Sign up for our general e-mail list or plant sale list; follow us on Facebook.

  • Spread the word! Through the hard work and generosity of so many nearby residents, Cloverly Park has become a treasured neighborhood asset. Please spread the word!

To volunteer with us during one of the Love Your Park Days of Service, use the contact page on this site or the registration form at the “volunteer” page of Love Your Park.

For information about the plant sale, use our contact page to join the plant sale mailing list (a complete list and pre-order form will be available in April).