TLC for Cloverly’s trees

Cloverly Park’s trees are a significant part of its natural beauty and appeal. But maintaining them—ensuring proper growth, monitoring for disease, minimizing risk from dead or damaged branches, planting “successor” trees long before our old ones are gone, and mitigating damage caused by storms and people (sadly, yes, this happens)—takes time and resources.

Parks & Recreation can provide some services for our trees, but with more than 10,000 acres of parkland to maintain, it cannot give specialized care in the time frame needed.

If we care about keeping Cloverly’s trees healthy and beautiful for years to come, it is up to us, the park’s friends and neighbors.

As a first step, we need to store some money in the bank for occasions like the recent work needed on the katsura and the paulonia.  
    •    To make a donation to the Tree Campaign, please print and fill out the attached form to mail a check to the Friends of Cloverly Park

We should also have in place a comprehensive plan for the park’s trees—caring for Cloverly’s oldest trees, ensuring that our new and maturing ones get a great start on a long life, and continuing to plant successors to our big beauties. We are forming a committee to take up this task.
    •    If you are interested in joining the tree committee, please leave a message via the contacts page of the Friends of Cloverly Park website or email

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